Concepts unveils brand’s latest store in New York City

Concepts unveils brand’s latest store located in the heart of New York City’s bustling Union Square neighborhood. This joint venture marks the second retail location opening after 18 Newbury, CNCPTS’ Boston flagship store, last October. In the spirits of the brand, the intent of the design was to create a unique retail experience — a place where products are elevated to pieces of art.

The 2,500 sq. ft. store boasts a wall-to-wall curated selection of sneakers, luxury streetwear and accessories, dedicated brand areas and a skate room. This area offers an intimate space to display special products, welcome guests, host private events, and more. Similarly, the store as a whole is 100% modular and equipped to be used independently for different events such as pop-ups or product launching. The place’s various functions lead to a unique retail experience, which will surely arouse the curiosity of visitors. In a similar spirit, the store features a center pavilion leading access to a hidden gateway towards a space dedicated to private collections, new releases and exclusive collaborations.


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