Wellington Basin

Canada Lands Company

Canada Lands Company's preliminary vision for the masterplan of Montréal's Wellington basin sector is the result of an extensive engagement process rolled out in collaboration with local residents and representatives from the public and private sectors.

The project will offer three distinct zones, creating a dynamic community: Artisans’ district, Basins’ Beach recreation and tourism area, and an innovation cluster. Its mixed-use program will include around 2,800 new homes, 1,000 of which will be affordable and social housing units, three new parks, an urban beach, and a swimming basin. With its carbon-neutral urban heating network, the site is set to be developed into a sustainable and inclusive human scale neighbourhood beneficial to all Montrealers.

CLIENT : Canada Lands Company

CATEGORY : Masterplan

SPAN : 3.2 M sq. ft.

DATE : 2024

LOCATION : Montreal

STATUS : In progress

IMAGES : Sid Lee Architecture + Bolide Studio