Allied Properties

Allied Properties' new Montreal head office showcases innovative workspaces that are tailor-made for professionals, championing ways to revive the city’s international business district.


Evenly distributed throughout the space, the workstations were custom-designed for the client in order to optimize collaboration without sacrificing personal comfort. Halfway between a cubicle and a hot-desk, these new workstations, made from responsibly sourced birch wood, offer a greater degree of privacy thanks to their half partitions.


Each meeting room is designed with a unique theme inspired by Allied's Montreal properties, in conjunction with a variety of seating arrangements. Bespoke furniture was either created or existing artifacts were skillfully integrated. Montreal painter Dan Climan, renowned for his figurative style, was also commissioned to create works of art depicting some of the portfolio's buildings, which are on display throughout the common spaces. Guided by the principles of biophilic design, the overall space offers a connection to nature, whether visual or analog. A range of noble and raw materials such as steel and concrete contrast in texture and warmth with woodwork, upholstery, and terracotta objects. The cafeteria was strategically positioned in front of the west-facing windows to maximize natural light and provide a view of the treetops of Place Jean-Paul-Riopelle.


A true hub of connectivity, the entrance of the new Allied Properties office opens itself up to the Montreal community and offers a space that can be rented by all Allied tenants. This series of reconfigurable meeting rooms can be arranged for large events such as town halls, medium size training sessions or more quaint board meetings. To make this space as inviting as possible, the traditional reception desk has been replaced by a lobby space where welcoming seating arrangements are flanked by barista grade coffee stocked by local roasters.

CLIENT: Allied Properties






SPAN: 13,000 sq. ft.



DATE: 2024



LOCATION: Montreal



STATUS: Completed