An avant-garde interdisciplinary
architectural vision

Working at the intersection of human/commercial needs and physical space, we offer a new kind of architecture fueled by interdisciplinary strategy and creativity.

─ Overview

We create transformative architectural experiences

Corporate headquarters.
Cutting-edge museums.
Retail stores.
A floating spa.
Urban design strategies.
Housing developments.

What do they have in common?

Different scales, different needs, same process. To give architecture a sense of purpose, we anchor our work in human-centered experience design.
Architecture forms the core of our practice. However, by integrating other creative disciplines such as strategy, technology, PR, branding, and advertising, we combine a cultural backbone, communal sense, and commercial purpose into one immersive experience.
─ Story 15 years
of interdisciplinary

─ Story

In 1999, Jean Pelland and Martin Leblanc began working together towards a new kind of architecture based on interdisciplinary creation.

Competitions and independent research quickly increased their notoriety. Projects such as the Montreal Symphony Orchestra’s cultural and administrative complex, Montreal’s Grande Bibliothèque, the redesign of a wastewater treatment plant in Tianjin, China, and the Ground Zero memorial (alongside Frank Gehry and Daniel Libeskind) were all finalists.
More than 15 years later, Sid Lee Architecture has built multiple residential buildings, spas, museums, boutiques, offices, amphitheatres, and restaurants in Montreal, Ontario, California, Paris, Amsterdam, and China. These commercially successful projects have left a positive impact on their respective cities and communities.
─ Thinking A human-centered
& commercial

─ Thinking

We believe that architecture contributes profoundly to shaping the identity of businesses, organizations, cities, and collectives.

To do so, however, requires an approach that harnesses multidisciplinary thinking by allying architects with professionals from different disciplines. Together, we build our projects around three pillars:

1) Transformative practices

Commercial Creativity is embedded in our architectural approach. We solve complex, dynamic problems at the intersection of human/commercial needs and physical space. This puts transformative experiences at the centre of what we do.

2) Built-in think tank 
By assembling a team of professionals from different fields, we’ve created a strong, research-driven culture that continually seeks to renew our understanding of the human and built environment.

3) Human-centered experiences 

Architecture projects follow neither a linear path nor a constant progression. They can have varying scales, preoccupations, needs, and interests. The only common thread between projects is our human-centered approach. In order to create spaces that will have a genuine impact, we craft our work expressly for the people who will use them.

─ Services 
From innovation
to execution

─ Services

To create the most value, Sid Lee Architecture works with clients from the start of the creative process until the delivery of the final product, imagining innovative concepts to maximize return on investment.

Guided by a creative and integrated approach, the firm offers five main types of services:
  • Pre-conceptual studies
  • Architecture
  • Urban design
  • Interior architecture
  • Architectural strategy and communication (via Sid Lee)
Sid Lee Architecture’s work spans multiple scales in the following categories:
  • Corporate
  • Cultural
  • Hospitality
  • Mixed use public & institutional
  • Recreational
  • Residential
  • Retail design
  • Urban design
─ Team Management Team

Our team is made up of approximately 30 professionals from architecture-related fields such as urbanism, interior architecture, environmental design, graphic design, communications, strategy, and industrial design. We encourage a methodology similar to university studios wherein different disciplines collaborate on projects without separating the creative from the technical, or architecture from interior design.