Québecor — Videotron

The challenge was to bring the Videotron brand to life while successfully incorporating its new interactive technologies. Sid Lee rose to the occasion by imagining a three-step experience.

First, a textured glass façade set off with dynamic lighting portrays the intensity of Videotron’s activities to passersby. Then, a giant, high-quality stair-screen welcomes visitors into the store. Finally, a mobile bar with dynamic and interactive countertops helps Videotron employees present the offers to customers.

These interactive elements greatly contributed to making this Videotron store the best in Quebec in terms of purchase conversion rates. The experience also brought together Videotron’s full range of services within the store space while respecting the initial architectural demands and building characteristics.

CLIENT : Quebecor — Videotron

CATEGORY : Retail — Renovation & conversion

SPAN : 7,500 sq. ft.

LOCATION : Montreal, Quebec

DATE : 2011



2011 — Créa, Grand Prize - Strat award

2012 —Créa, Grand Créa

2011 — Grands Prix du Design intérieur, Special award - Signage & Branding