SAQ Experiential

Société des alcools du Québec

The new experiential SAQ store at Carrefour Laval. The idea behind the store is to widen access to SAQ products and encourage discovery through free tastings. The layout provides an in-store experience that is conducive to learning and sharing. With their Inspire card, shoppers can further personalize their experience at the tasting station and interactive table, and have it tailored to their individual preferences.

The design is sleek and inviting: it features natural, understated materials; there are no aisles, but rather themed island displays; and the redesigned signage makes finding products easier.

The space, designed to be user-friendly and client-centred, will serve as a lab for the SAQ to test new approaches and technologies before implementing them to other stores.

CLIENT : Société des alcools du Québec


SPAN : 3,000 sq. ft.

LOCATION : Laval, Quebec

DATE : 2017

STATUS : Completed