Lolë Headquarters

Coalision Inc.

Coalision is a manufacturer and distributor of sports and leisure clothing, promoting wellbeing and active living. Having occupied offices on Montreal’s South Shore for 25 years, the company believed a move was strategically essential to the brand’s growth. The new headquarters are located in the Viger Station, an iconic architectural landmark in Old Montreal. The project aimed to reinforce the brand’s values and its Montreal roots. The 35,000 sq. ft. program expands over two stories and can welcome up to 200 employees.

The project offers a variety of functional spaces to host activities related to the creation and marketing of clothing. The offices were designed to provide modularity and total appropriation of the space. Storage, signage, meeting rooms and collaborative spaces were the core needs of Coalision employees. On the ground floor, a multifunctional living space, which includes a bistro, showroom, game room and yoga room conveys the brand’s vision for employee wellbeing.

CLIENT : Coalision Inc.

CATEGORY : Corporate

SPAN : 35,000 sq. ft.

LOCATION : Montreal, Quebec

DATE : 2015