Electronic Arts Montreal Office

Electronic Arts

Sid Lee Architecture recently completed Electronic Arts’ offices in Montreal — a project that spans four floors at 2200 Rue Stanley.

Electronic Arts has always believed that game creators are highly qualified artisans and wanted to create a space that reflects that philosophy. A space that could serve as a backdrop where its own people’s art and Motive Studios’ creative-focused culture could grow and take centre stage.

The first strategy was to attribute importance to common areas, while maintaining the simplicity and uniformity of the work spaces. The second strategy was to provide a blank canvas that employees could spontaneously work on and use for brainstorm sessions. The third strategy was to create an environment that would fuel creativity and reflect the artisans, by incorporating multiple areas and elements such as a library, writing desks, a fireplace, music, lounge chairs, a gallery, cabinets, a central seating area, white space, a workbench, prototype and archive, recording tools, and a testing space.

Among the key drivers of the project were the desire to attract and retain top talent in the gaming industry, and to build and foster a strong creative culture.

CLIENT : Electronic Arts

CATEGORY : Corporate

SPAN : Private Data

LOCATION : Montreal, Quebec

DATE : 2017

STATUS : Completed