National Bank
of Canada

National Bank

Repositioning of the traditional business image and model of the bank. The new concept encourages dialogue between clients and advisors. It is anchored in communication and the development of ideas. The branch is now split into four main parts: private work areas; meeting and exchange areas; transactional areas; brainstorming areas. The concept encourages clients to extend their time in the branch and focus on the programs and tools offered. The design seeks to bring warmth to the location, a familiar air that inspires the feeling of being part of a community. The new environment benefits from incorporating works from the National Gallery of Canada's large collection of Canadian art, and promotes local and international artists.

The Saint-Luc branch prototype was replicated for the Griffintown and Iberville branches.

CLIENT : National Bank of Canada


SPAN : 3,663 sq. ft.

LOCATION : Multi-branches, Quebec

DATE : 2016

STATUS : Completed